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In 2014, I started a private label brand with 12 products in the Home & Kitchen category. I was able to gain traction rather quickly. When the opportunity presented itself to sell my brand I knew that it was the right time.

Not only was I able to sell the assets but I have also built many different types of businesses that range from brand building, affiliate marketing, making websites and also selling design work. (fun fact: I’m not even a designer!). While helping people like yourself build their Amazon businesses is my passion, I do still work on tweaking my businesses whenever possible.

Some of the companies I have helped leverage their brands online across multiple categories include; Travel, Fitness, Home & Kitchen and Home Décor.

In the world of online business, everyone is trying to sell a hack and in my experience it doesn’t work. It’s just as easy to lose your business as it is to start the business. That principle alone keeps me on course to help you today.

I have a few guiding principles to keep myself focused on the right things. This was helped by noticing a common trend in all of my businesses had one thing in common; they all followed a process and a strategy. And all of them were executed in their own way to different levels of success.

Through a lot of travelling within the USA, Canada & now based in Chiang Mai, I have met a lot of like-minded entrepreneurs through networking at a tradeshows, co-working spaces and networking events. By talking and listening to these business men and women, it helped me get to where I am today.

My goal is to take the headache out of selling Amazon for you by providing reliable and useful strategies, tools and resources that are in line with the Amazon policy.