Amazon Account Manager

Sunit Vaswani

Experienced in Amazon business management, sourcing, logistics, and brand development. Specializes in financial analysis, international operations, and advertising online. Known for setting up and streamlining operational processes.

About me

My journey is all about making e-commerce simpler and more successful. Every strategy I use is aimed at making things work better and boosting profits.

I learn a lot from the changing world of online business, the practical challenges of moving goods around the globe, and what's happening in markets worldwide. This helps me come up with smart, new ways to help my clients.

If you want to know more about my work and experience in managing Amazon businesses, I'd be happy to connect with you:

Work experience

Amazon Account Manager
Apr 2020 - Present

Since February 2020, I've been using my Amazon business skills to help clients get better results. My work includes managing their Amazon accounts, finding products from around the world, and making sure everything ships smoothly. I also enjoy teaching new Amazon sellers, working with agencies in Australia to guide them.

Online Director
Darton Group, Hong Kong
Jan 2019 - Jan 2020

At Darton, I led the development of websites for various brands, making sure they looked great and worked well. I managed Amazon PPC campaigns to bring in more customers and sales. Part of my job was to set up and register our brands on Amazon, working with different teams to make sure everything matched our brand. I also handled the shipping and storage of our products around the world. Making sure our brand was protected legally, like with insurance and trademark checks, was important too. And I worked closely with our lead designer to help decide on our brand names and their overall look.

Business Owner
Uno Casa LLC, New York
Jan 2012 - Dec 2018

As the owner for Uno Casa LLC, I handled a lot of different tasks to grow our online sales. This involved setting up our products online, dealing with suppliers and shipping, and making our brand known at big trade shows. I also worked on how our brand looks and feels, and made sure our products got through customs without any problems. Successfully sold my Amazon business in the summer of 2018.

Winner Max (HK) Limited, Hong Kong
Dec 2008 - Dec 2011

At Winner Max (HK) Limited, based in Hong Kong with our headquarters in Los Angeles, I led a professional sourcing company for three years. My main tasks involved managing the daily operations, sourcing products, and handling order placements. I played a key role in working with the designer to create private label artwork for brands that were later sold in the USA. The company expanded its market reach to countries like Australia, Japan, and South Africa.

Marketing Executive
Sanwin Industries (HK) Limited, Hong Kong
Dec 2008 - Dec 2011

As a Marketing Executive at Sanwin Industries (HK) Limited from September 2005 to May 2008, I embarked on a dynamic career path starting as a Sourcing Assistant. My role involved strategic sourcing from China for key markets in the US, Europe, and South America, and serving as a vital link between our sourcing offices and global clients. My responsibilities included attending trade shows to forge connections with suitable suppliers and managing daily customer interactions. Recognized for my effective coordination and relationship management skills, I was promoted in June 2006 to oversee a significant account with a New Jersey importer, focusing on private label gifts, electronics, and household products, ensuring quality and timely delivery.


I make brands look good, work with numbers, and sell things on the internet, all while making everything run smoothly

Operations and Logistics Management

Effective at ensuring smooth business operations and efficient product delivery, crucial for maintaining consistent workflow.

E-commerce and Online Advertising

Adept at increasing online sales through strategic advertising on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and Etsy, and improving website functionality.

Brand and Account Management

Expert in building strong brand images and maintaining healthy customer relationships across various platforms.

Business Development and Strategy

Knowledgeable in identifying new market opportunities and crafting strategies for sustainable business growth.

Project Management

Proficient in leading projects from inception to completion, while effectively coordinating with diverse teams to achieve goals.

International Sales and Trade Shows

Skilled in expanding sales outreach globally and showcasing products impressively at international trade events.

Growing Online Ventures

Take a look at my projects where I mix know-how in Amazon FBA, website operations, and online marketing. These projects are all about scaling up online businesses.

Project 1:
Ready Set FBA


I've created Ready Set FBA as a comprehensive resource for those looking to venture into Amazon selling. The website features a blog where I share insights, strategies, and tips about selling on Amazon, complemented by a YouTube channel that provides visual guides and tutorials. Additionally, the site offers user-friendly calculators designed to help sellers effortlessly compute Amazon fees and manage their finances.


As the founder and primary content creator, I'm responsible for researching, writing, and publishing blog posts and producing YouTube content. I also developed and maintain the fee calculators, ensuring they are accurate and user-friendly, providing a valuable tool for Amazon sellers.

Project 2:
Amazon Account Management


Since September 2021, I have been managing the advertising, account operations, logistics, and supplier communications for a clients Amazon business. This project involves a deep dive into the nuances of Amazons platform, focusing on optimizing product listings, managing advertising campaigns, and streamlining logistics to enhance the overall performance and profitability of the clients account.


I handle all aspects of the client's Amazon presence, from devising advertising strategies to ensuring smooth operational processes. My role includes constant communication with suppliers, overseeing logistics, and managing the financial aspects of the account to maximize growth and efficiency.

Project 3:
Niche Website Investments


This project involves acquiring and developing niche websites with the goal of creating successful affiliate sites and advertising platforms. The focus is on building a dedicated audience and generating revenue through curated content and strategic partnerships. These websites are designed to operate passively, with content creation and maintenance outsourced to skilled independent contractors.


As the investor and project manager, I oversee the selection and acquisition of promising websites, strategize content and advertising plans, and coordinate with independent contractors for content creation and site maintenance. My role is to ensure that each site achieves its potential for passive income through effective management and strategic growth.

Project 4:
Merch By Amazon


Launched in 2017, this project involves designing and selling custom t-shirts on Amazons Merch platform. It started with self-designed shirts and evolved into working with professional designers to expand the range of offerings. This venture has become a significant source of passive income, with a focus on creating trendy and appealing designs that resonate with a wide audience.


Initially, I designed the t-shirts myself, but as the project grew, I shifted to managing a team of designers to maintain a steady flow of new and creative designs. My role involves overseeing the design process, selecting designs for production, and managing the listings on Amazon to ensure continuous sales and revenue growth.

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